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We Did the work for you, you just order !!

Back Yard BBQ for 8-10 people!

Price Includes:

Black Angus Skirt Steak 4b
8 OZ Hamburgers 20 pcs
1 Rack Baby back Ribs 2.5lbs
Sabrett Skinless Hot Dog 14oz 8 pcs
Jumbo Party Wings 10 lb bag
Hog Dog Buns
Hamburger Buns
Chi Chi's Medium Salsa 5 oz
Utz Tortiya's Rest Style 12.5oz
Paper Plates
Plastic Knives and Forks
Red Solo cups


FYI, Want 16-20 people? Double the order!
No substitutions please! If you would like a substitution please consider visiting our store Monday thru Friday 8am until 3pm, Saturdays till 1pm

Are you hosting a a backyard BBQ party!

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